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Silver Travertine Pattern Set

Pattern Sets - silver   Code: 1014

Size :

This beautiful silver travertine stone has rich mottling and occasional quartz details reminiscent of marble. The honed finish and square edge of the tiles gives a more modern appearance. This stone is a very dense travertine and is suitable for use throughout the home. The dominant cool grey tones also give a contemporary look when teamed with more modern furniture or appliances. Colours range from light to dark grey with beige tones adding warmth to the stone. 
Travertine is a hugely popular and affordable choice for those seeking a natural stone floor. This versatile stone is available in a range of finishes from honed and filled, to tumbled, polished or brushed and chipped. Travertine is a type of limestone, formed in hot springs and rivers and has been used in buildings for thousands of years making it a timeless classic.

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