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Clear Light Filled and Honed Travertine

Filled & Honed - light   Code: 1001

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Clear Light Filled and Honed Travertine known as a Denizli beige travertine or classic travertine.  
The Travertine Classic is possibly one of the most famous Travertines in the world. It is a beige/light brown coloured natural stone, with slight variations in terms of colour. 
These tiles offer a creamy, beige, dark beige varying background with natural coloured movement spots that make a natural tone for any room. 
As they are honed and filled, each tile is unique giving you a completely bespoke design. 
Order a sample today and compare us to what’s available in the market today, we won’t be beaten on quality. 
This travertine is a very versatily natural stone that is used on a large diversity of applicatons. It is common to find applications in cladding, flooring, coverings and much more.

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